RoSE – Research on Steiner Education

The journal RoSE: Research on Steiner Education is an on-line, bilingual (English and German) peer-reviewed academic journal with the purpose of serving the theoretical and practical development of Steiner Waldorf education in ways that are relevant to our contemporary globalising world. RoSE wishes to establish links and dialogues between Steiner education and other alternative as well as mainstream educational discourses and practices. The journal publishes articles based on empirical as well as on theoretical or philosophical research. Reviews of books, as well as of Doctoral and Master’s Theses are also part of the journal. The journal welcomes both critical and appreciative approaches to Steiner education, as long as they adhere to general academic standards. While references to Rudolf Steiner’s works are natural considering the purpose of the journal, we also welcome papers that do not refer to Steiner as long as they are otherwise relevant to the journal’s purpose. Articles that engage in rigorous dialogue between Steiner philosophy/pedagogy and other, particularly contemporary, pedagogical, psychological or philosophical approaches are especially welcome. The journal publishes two issues per year. Submitted papers will be anonymously peer-reviewed by two members of the editorial board, or by academic colleagues especially chosen by these members.

RoSE is founded by a cooperation (co-hosting) between two institutions: The English section is established at the Rudolf Steiner University College, Oslo and the German part is located at the Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences, Alfter.
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Vol 5, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents

Editorial [German] PDF
Editorial [English] PDF

Part I: Fundamentals / Grundlagen

Kaspar Hauser – die Wahrnehmung des fremden Menschen PDF
Bernhard Schmalenbach
Kaspar Hauser: Perceiving the unfamiliar other (Part I) PDF
Bernhard Schmalenbach
Wissenschaftsphilosophie, Naturalismus und übersinnliche Erkenntnis PDF
Renatus Ziegler
Vom König, der sich selbst die Krone stahl (Teil II) PDF
Urs Leander Tellkampf

Part II: Empirical Research / Beiträge zur empirischen Forschung

Die Klassenlehrerzeit an Waldorfschulen aus Sicht von Schülern – Eine Explorationsstudie – PDF
Dirk Randoll, Ines Graudenz, Jürgen Peters
The learner perspective on the Waldorf class teacher system – an exploratory study PDF
Dirk Randoll, Ines Graudenz, Jürgen Peters
Kommentar PDF
Walter Riethmüller, Annette Neal
Reifungsprozesse und Transitionskompetenz: Der Übergang vom Kindergarten in die Grundschule PDF
Stefanie Greubel
The developmental and social ramifications of the transition from kindergarten to primary school PDF
Stefanie Greubel
Berufswahlmotive und Bildungsvorstellungen angehender Lehrkräfte an Regel- und Waldorfschulen PDF
Simon Kuttner, Philipp Martzog, Guido Pollak
Qualitätsentwicklung und Evaluationen in Waldorfkindergärten. Erfahrungen mit dem Berliner Bildungsprogramm (Teil I) PDF
Axel Föller-Mancini
Authors of RoSE Vol. 5 No. 2 PDF