Campus Wien West – Waldorf- und MontessorischülerInnen bereiten sich gemeinsam auf das International Baccalaureate vor. Ein Evaluationsbericht


  • Jürgen Peters, Dirk Randoll


The Campus Vienna West offers a platform for Waldorf and Montessori students to absolve the International Baccalaureate (IB). Since 2016 two groups of students passed the examinations with success. The most burdening factor from the viewpoint of students was the amount of subject matter. Teacher support was extremely helpful for students, nevertheless students claimed that more subject offered would be more convenient. IB specific subjects as Visual Art, Theory of knowledge and Creativly Activity Service were rated positively, because student could learn with more personal interest. The different backgrounds from two major progressive educational movements indeed did not increase the work climate. Two groups are taught separately at present and will join in future for special subjects.






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