„Professionalisierungsprozesse in Waldorfkindergärten und -krippen“ – Voraussetzungen und Herausforderungen der wissenschaftlichen Begleitung der bundesweiten Erprobung des Beobachtungsund Dokumentationsinstrumentes Trialog


  • Stefanie Greubel und Cornelia Jachmann


This article gives an overview over Germans strategies in fostering and monitoring children in early childhood educational settings using systematic instruments respective capturing individual development and education. The main focus is laid on waldorf pedagogical positions and on the discussion about the possible impact of using structured documentation and monitoring instruments in all day routines to individual professional pedagogical processes in waldorf early childhood educational systems. This first overview must be seen as an instruction to a scientific research project of the Alanus University Alfter/Germany which main task is to evaluate the waldorf-specific instrument Trialog. This article introduces into the scientific design of the project and gives hints about first results regarding characteristics of the sample.




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