Developing Artistry in Teaching: New Approaches to Teacher Education

Peter Lutzker


Abstract. This paper is based on the view that teaching can be seen as an art. Drawing on the works of the philosophers Rudolf Steiner and John Dewey, as well as on those of educators such as Elliot Eisner, Seymour Sarason and Maxine Greene, a position is advanced in which developing a teacher’s artistry becomes a central focus of teacher education. In this context the role of pedagogical intuition is considered to be essential. Through examining concrete examples of in-service courses in theatre clowning for Steiner School foreign language teachers and the Lincoln Center Institute summer programs, different concepts of developing artistry in teaching will be elucidated in which the experience and practice of the arts play a decisive role in teacher training.   

Keywords: art of teaching, Waldorf, Steiner Schools, clowning, improvisation, Lincoln Center Institute

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