Die Perspektive des Kindes: Partizipatorische Ansätze in der elementarpädagogischen Bildungsdokumentation und ihre Herausforderungen

Stefanie Greubel


The view on Childhood as a social construct depends on multiple scientific and popular views and differs over the decades depending on various influences. Almost constantly we can find a social, political and scientific discussion about the responsibilities regarding the generational order and the position of the child as well as the children´s part on its own development. With the understanding of an active and self-developing child with his own mind and needs the pedagogic principle of participation gets in the focus of science, politics and pedagogical praxis. One option to include children´s perspectives is the participation in monitoring and documentation processes. Less we know about used strategies and consequences and there is a need of a critical discussion in this field since the borders between fostering and excessive demands can be slim.

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